Summer spirits classes

July 25th: Frozen Drinks
Learn to make it in a blender so your bartender doesn’t have to. Seriously though, summer sucks but frozen drinks don’t. Class starts at 7 pm and costs $25.

August 8th: Rum For Drinking
Rum is delicious and it costs less than whiskey. Class will delve into the wide variety of ways that people make rum and the ways that rum flavor develops. Class includes 6 samples and many will be overproof! The rum fun is $25 and starts at 7pm.

August 22nd: Garden Cocktails

Making drinks with things that grow is good! We’ll look at several affinities between spirits and fresh ingredients and we’ll discuss strategies to make fresh cocktails. Fruits, herbs and even vegetables might be on the menu.

September 5th: Don’t drink white after Labor Day.

Fashion rules are important. Once an arbitrary deadline passes it’s important to change your behavior. As such, we’ll remind you that there are delicious barrel aged spirits and delicious cocktails to make with them. We’ll take a look at tasty drinks for the season ahead that transition into falls flavors.

September 19th: Orkney Island

The whiskey of Scotland’s windoest
Island does it all. Styles range from as as light and spare as the vegetation to rich like the history. Come to this one is you like peat or sherry or well balanced whisky.