Fall 2018 Classes

October 9th, 7pm: The Manhattan

We’re following up our deeper looks at the Daiquiri and the Negroni with an investigation into the ultimate whiskey cocktail, the Manhattan (sorry, Old Fashioned; you’re too incendiary a topic to cover in Wisconsin). The Manhattan is as much a useful template as it is a delicious drink, much like the Negroni, which means it supports innovation as well as tradition. We’ll discuss the drink’s origin story, best practices for making it, and some of the most promising variations.
Class is $25 and includes 6 samples.

October 23rd, 7pm: Japanese Whiskey

It should no longer be a surprise that Japan makes tasty whiskey. The tradition was initially imported from Scotland, but over the last near century, Japanese whiskey has developed an identity all its own. The old guard has carried on the Scottish whiskymaking tradition, even to the point of acquiring Scottish distilleries, while a new set of producers has questioned the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of whiskey. We’ll sample some of the diversity, with 6 samples from both new and old producers.
Class is $25 and includes 6 samples.

November 6th, 7pm: What’s In a Gin?

We always like to say that gin is the original (and best!) version of flavored vodka because most gin begins its life as neutral spirit, and because gin is delicious. A neutral base is not a foregone conclusion, however, and an increasing number of gins make an argument to start with something more flavorful. Class will cover the basics of gin production, as well as the difference between making neutral and flavorful spirits. We’ll taste some gins with distinctive bases and also explore their applications in cocktails.
Class is $25 and includes 6 samples.

December 4th, 7pm: Egg Drinks

Egg drinks are a ton of work but they feature textures and flavors that are beyond compare. Once a year, we shake off our laziness and get shaking to show off what the incredible, edible egg can do. We’ll be featuring some new combinations and new tricks to help get the most out of this game-changing ingredient.
Class is $25 and includes 6 samples

December 18th, 7pm: Brandy

Wisconsin is famous for brandy consumption, but our focus on the old fashioned misses the interest that this large category of spirits has to offer. We’ll explore American and world brandies. We’ll cover spirits made from grapes like Cognac and Armagnac but also spirits made from other fruits such as apples and peaches. Class is $25 and includes 6 samples

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